Sunday, January 31, 2010

What Is The Best Way To Remove Wax From A Mirror How To Wax A Car?

How to wax a car? - what is the best way to remove wax from a mirror

Several questions, if you do not mind answer to all, please!

As liquid wax wax is needed for a big car or small SUV? I am about 1 / 4 bottle ... Is this too little, just right?

As it takes a lot of friction during application and removal of wax? Do you really think rubbing or cover the surface?

How long do you let the wax dry? I understand that should come with fog, but more for the best results?

How frequently you should apply to the reflecting surface, the deep in dark colors is wax?

TIA so much!


scott p said...

If you have a good finish, I suggest Maguires Gold Paste. I have this answer from here. She had marks on my facet burgundy Buick. According to one source vertebrae are gone, and it was that the quality showroom finish. And leave it and do nothing. Let dry, then wipe with a veil. Some waxes cause damage if ignited and allowed to dry in the sun for hours. They suggest that the 2 times per year. Stay away from car washes, the long strips of the car wash over .. must be cleaned frequently, because all the dirt during the day there will be collected. Wash your own car, you can. Elbow Grease You do not need to rub the wax in a slow circular motion and always in the lap of the region, as wax. Make sure a cloth to clean the wax, not an old towel. Washing cloth diapers are impressive.

Katie said...

Either you pay someone or someone in your area for you to do it, or at least show, as in person, because if not done correctly, you can light up your color.

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